Senior Men's Club

The Senior Men's Club of Birmingham, founded in 1957, is a vigorous Club of 650 men that has extended the enjoyment of life and service in the community through activities and events that nurture friendships, stimulate the mind and challenge active seniors to stay abreast of changing times.


Weekly Friday meetings at The Community House feature distinguished speakers on current affairs and discussion groups that enable members and guests to share their insights and expertise on business, professional, governmental, civic and social topics. Attendance at the Friday meetings typically exceeds 200 members, associates and guests. An optional lunch at noon precedes the afternoon discussion sessions.

The Club's monthly newsletter, The Reminder, serves as a guide to its many and varied activities and events. Popular among these are computers, cameras/travel, classic movies, educational day trips, investments and reading discussions to name a few. Bowling, golf and bridge programs enjoy extensive following as mental and physical stimulants. For further perspective, you can view the Club's history here. Club members contribute importantly to the community via extensive and multi-faceted volunteer efforts in support of many social, charitable, educational and religious organizations. We welcome your interest in the Club.


Club meetings and activities are for members only. However, membership is open to all men 55 and older. Men interested in joining or learning more about the club should visit our website for more information.

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In 2004, the Senior Men's Club of Birmingham, Michigan published "The Wars of Our Generation," a book wherein 82 members of the Senior Men's Club each describes his own individual experiences in military service in World War II and the Korean War. Quoting from the book's dedication,  "...For the authors, writing for this book has brought memories, good and bad, of the experiences and hardships they faced, most as "citizen soldiers" and we are proud to share those experiences…we hope our book is read by our children and grandchildren and by other young people.  It is important that they not only understand our contributions to the cause of freedom in the world, but also [that they recognize] the terrible costs and futility of wars..."

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This book is a supplement to “The Wars of Our Generation” book published in February 2004. The album is a collection of more than 150 photographs of SMC members taken when most of them were in their teens and were in the military and related war services from the beginning of World War II in 1941 to the end of the Korean Conflict, in 1953. To compare pictures of the veterans who contributed articles to “The Wars of Our Generation,” refer to the author’s index shown on the last pages of the earlier book.

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