Toddler Room

First steps, new words, exciting challenges – being a toddler is a wonderful thing! This is a time when so much positive growth occurs in all areas of your child’s development. At the Early Childhood Center, we embrace this age and give our children a safe place to embark on new adventures with our hands to hold and our hearts to enter.

In the Toddler Room, children ages 15 to 30 months old are encouraged to problem solve, make choices and socialize with peers, strengthening their self esteem and independence. We introduce the children to a flexible, yet consistent daily routine, based on our HighScope curriculum and provide bi-annual child assessments and parent/teacher conferences to keep parents up to date on their child’s exciting progress.

All children have a primary caregiver, enabling them to establish a personal bond with that caregiver and develop their one-on-one social skills. We enforce a 1 to 4 caregiver/toddler ratio with a maximum of 10 toddlers in the room to ensure your child is properly taken care of. We also provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch, along with morning and afternoon snacks.

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