Infant Room

The experiences in the first year of a child’s life are the building blocks for learning and social development. At the Early Childhood Center, we provide a warm, nurturing and interactive home away from home where children 6 weeks to approximately 15 months old can freely explore these new curiosities. Your child will be surrounded by soft lighting, classical music, one-on-one interactions and constant verbal communication with their primary caregiver to increase language and brain development.

It is our belief that infants need an important balance of activities and self-exploration, which is why we provide a variety of activities and opportunities to discover their environment. All of our rooms implement our HighScope philosophy, and infants’ schedules are set by either the infants themselves or the parent’s requests. We also provide bi-annual child assessments and parent/teacher conferences to keep you up to date on your child’s progress during this special time in their life.

By having higher standards and a smaller class size, we are able to provide the perfect environment to strengthen your child’s developmental skills. We enforce a 1 to 4 caregiver/infant ratio with a maximum of 8 infants in the room to ensure your child is properly taken care of.

To provide consistency, this room is based on full-time enrollment only.  

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