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The Early Childhood Center and Hackett Family Toddler Center know how important and how very different each stage of your child's development is. That's why we created six unique classrooms that tailor to the specific learning needs and growth opportunities for children in these varying phases. We believe each child's education needs to be personalized rather than simply conformed to the masses.

"The Early Childhood Center provides an engaging yet nurturing experience for children at every level. Over the last two years I have enjoyed watching my son blossom from an observant infant to a curious and friendly toddler under the care of the Early Childhood Center. He looks forward to going to school each morning, and as a working mom, that is exactly what I had hoped for in choosing a child care provider." - Meredith T.

Infant center

Children ages six weeks to 15 months enjoy nurturing one-on-one time with our experienced primary caregivers.

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Toddler CENTER

First steps, new words, exciting challenges - being a toddler is a wonderful thing! Children ages 15 to 30 months old learn all about problem-solving, socializing and decision-making in this program.

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Preschool Room

Children ages 21/2 to 4 years old dive deeper into our HighScope curriculum at this phase, developing new ways to express themselves through active learning sessions.

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Pre-K Room

Our kindergarten preparation class for four to five-year-olds concentrates on the specific skills needed to start kindergarten. From simple math concepts to letter recognition, your child will be ready to start the next phase of their educational journey.

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Junior K+

Junior K + prepares children for a successful transition to kindergarten. It's designed for those who completed Pre-K yet do not make the September 1st kindergarten birthday deadline.

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the ecc for parents

Wondering how your role as a parent fits into your child's ECC experience? The ECC believes that the partnership between parents and the Center should be a strong one. This is why we have an open door policy, which enables you, as parents and family members, to come visit anytime so you can see how your children spend their day.

The ECC also invites parents to come and share lesson plans or a family or ethnic tradition with the entire Center.

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Start your philanthropic journey with The Community House and become a part of our extraordinary legacy. Whether it's a gift of your time, talent or treasure, we welcome your involvement with our organization as we strive to preserve the house people have been calling home for over a century. The time is now!

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