Our Story

It all started back in 1923, in a small frame structure at the heart of the Birmingham community, where a small committee of extraordinary people built an extraordinary place where all would be welcome. The Community House was created to be a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-exclusive community center serving as the starting point for all of life's journeys.

Philanthropic pursuits have long been the driving force behind our nonprofit organization. From the very beginning, The Community House was known as "the official center of charitable endeavors...to promulgate the social, civic and philanthropic life of the village". We continue to hold this value true to our hearts, ensuring our House is your house for personal, professional, philanthropic and recreational pursuits.

This nonprofit has been home to tens of thousands of residents, dozens of charities, hundreds of classes, thousands of private and public events, and some of life's most memorable experiences. To this day, we welcome young and old from near and far to start their experience right here at their second home at the heart of the community...The Community House.

Our Mission

The Community House is a nonprofit that is home to those seeking continuity between personal, professional, philanthropic, and recreational pursuits. For nearly a century, we have provided an extraordinary destination where people can come together to enjoy extraordinary experiences. From educational development to the early planning of life's landmark events — from business to pleasure, from charity to recreation — it all starts at The Community House.

Time To Get Involved

Start your philanthropic journey with The Community House and become a part of our extraordinary legacy. Whether it's a gift of your time, talent or treasure, we welcome your involvement with our organization as we strive to preserve the house people have been calling home for over a century. The time is now!

Learn more about how you can get involved in FUNDRAISERS, GIVING and VOLUNTEERING.